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Welcome, Wild wise & beautifully free Woman!!

We hear you... calling out from your heart. We feel it beating...while you stay awake at night wondering what’s next for you.

We see you... yearning for more… & though you may not embody her yet... she is there, ready to be released from the shackles in which society has placed upon her, and release the limitations in which she is currently operating under. 

It's your time, & the time is now! To return to wildness, the deep wisdom and intuitive knowing, the natural self hidden within, and learn how to consciously, deliciously, intrinsically, bring yourself out again.

To tap into your higher self, your greater vision, your inner calling and your highest expression.

We See You & Hear You

We are here with you, for you, to guide and hold space for you... to show you how to unleash your wildest version through your truest expression of your true divine design. As you unleash, rise, and become the wild, wise woman already within you, we will be there to hold your hand and guide you. We can’t wait to meet you and welcome you into this experience - an adventure, really. One we are going on together, partners, sisters, creators and explorers ready to expand beyond our boundaries and previously known limits.

As you join us in this 6 month sacred experience you will begin to experience the journey of returning to wildness, the deep wisdom and intuitive knowing, the natural self hidden within, and learn how to consciously, deliciously, intrinsically, bring yourself out again.

& so much more...

  • HAVING major breakthroughs in the places you’ve been previously stuck repeating old cycles and make friends with your inner critics to elevate into wisdom, power and trust in your own abilities

  • DEEPENING your skills in meditation, conscious expansion, business strategy and soul leadership, the ability to feel and hold LOVE and all of your emotions, to coach and evolve inside of deep discussion and relationship

  • CREATING something from calling, from your heart, from your soul… something so beyond you that you want support in the creation so you follow through

  • BECOMING the highest expression and embodiment of your true wild, wise self, and you want support and honestly? accountability in the process so you don’t fall back into the old “safety” that no longer serves you or others.


  • SEEING yourself rise and thrive in the exact way you feel is best for you, to know and love ourselves so that we can consciously create and hold others.


  • HONORING your self AND your Source essence that knows all as itself in divine power


  • CONNECTING with your community, sisters, and mentors who will be here for you, and YOU can be here for them, connect from the depth of your soul and your 'being'ness and bring it out to act and create from that intuitive, wisdom and energy

  • STRENGTHENING  your intuition and connection to the Universe’s infinite wisdom… while also letting go and being practical, integrated and grounded here on Earth

  • ENHANCING your energetic capacity to sit with your masculine and feminine energy. You want to be strong, clear, structured, AND flowy, creative, inspired, spontaneous. (We TOTALLY get this!)


  • EMBRACING the wisdom within you to be heard, for your spiritual guides to be present, for your intuition to be strong… and trust it and surrender to it instead of living according to the norms, the expectations, the judgments, the fears and the loose unwritten rules of society, family and old ancestral issues​

We will be diving into some shadow work, healing techniques, and soooo much more! Click the button below to learn more!

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