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Tarot has an extensive history, dating back to the 1400's in Europe, where it was eventually banned and forced into secret societies. Today, it takes on similar form as it's first days, and one must consider how it would be possible to pass on these messages and images throughout such incredible difficulties. 

My answer: universal truth. In my opinion, tarot, it's readers and visionaries, have been pushed down because it gives people insight without any "leader." Society and religions must have power, so anything that gives the individual power or a different view point must be "evil." For me, it is a physical tool for my spirit guides and truth to communicate exactly what I need to hear. I started my business with tarot, and I cannot ever imagine it won't be part of it. For my clients, I tune into both mine and their spirit guides and ask what they need to hear. This can be about a specific question or issue, or it can be general guidance. Whatever you need to hear is going to come out. Tarot, for me, is a sort of tough love and truth. Sometimes, the answer may not be what I or you WANT to hear, but it's answers are always FOR you and your highest good.



3 cards for a specific question or general guidance over a situation. These can vary from past/present/future to situation/action/outcome just depends on what you need! Single payment of $33


This is a more in-depth reading. I usually use a celtic cross design for this one, depending on the situation and what the reading is revealing. Use this one for big life changes or decisions. This can also give insight into how your past has affected you and the actions you need to take to overcome. 


This is a big one! 32 cards for what I consider to be your life path spread. This will cover every aspect of your life, your goals, your blocks, actions or opportunities you need to take advantage of, and the end result. This is easily my favorite simply because it is soooo useful. 

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