Often, especially as women, the way we live our lives is based on childhood conditioning and societal views. We graduate high school, go to college, meet the “one,” get married, get a “good” job, have kids...the list could go on. As the years go by living within these boundaries and social constructs can feel empty and void of meaning or purpose. You could feel as if “there has to be more,” or “is this all I am meant for?” You secretly long for more. You may have shared these thoughts with your close friends and family and they probably tried to convince you that you must be happy. After all, look at your beautiful life! But inside, it feels empty. You keep those ideas to yourself now after being shamed for them, and even try to convince yourself that your life is amazing and of how happy you are. You push your wild back down and continue to live the life accepted by others. You fake a smile, and go about your day-to-day tasks. 


What if I told you you can step out of these constructs, and actually LIVE the life you dream of? That those thoughts and ideas are not coincidence, its actually your soul trying to speak up and ask you to reach for it? This program and sacred journey is about saying a resounding YES to your soul, and creating your new reality filled with meaning and purpose, regardless of how others may view you! 

In this six week interactive experience, we will cover:

  • Uncovering your truth. Tuning into your intuition to find out YOUR truth. Areas you play small in to be viewed as "normal." What makes you unique? What gifts do you innately have to share with the world? 

  • Getting to know your shadows that keep you from expressing your soul's full vibrancy

  • Conditioning, from family and society, that has convinced you to act and live a certain way. How to release this with love and grace. 

  • Integrating your shadows and loving them back to light so that it feels GOOD to just be you, without worry or fear of judgement.

  • How to finally take the steps to show the world the REAL you, and let people believe what they want. Let your light shine, beautiful soul. Your life here is short, why live it inauthentically? How to be vulnerable and LOVE it! 

What's included?

A private, inclusive facebook group, where you can connect with others taking this program. This is where I will do live interactive videos, Q&A sessions, and you will get 1:1 access to me! Lifetime access to all materials. 

Freebies! Meditations recorded by me, bullet points, weekly check-ins, etc. 

Exclusive pricing on future programs and courses! For participating in REBELutionary, you will receive 10% off future programs with me! 

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of $125 each 

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