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Soul Alchemy Coaching

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Within this 1:1 Mentorship, I will walk with you as you discover your shadows, subconscious patterns, and soul parts that you have left behind or avoided. Once we are able to bring these back to the light, I will guide you back to the inherent YOU. I will teach you how to use these aspects for your growth, and we will reignite the fire within you! This is for you if you are ready to face your darkest parts, and alchemize them into your best qualities. It is in working through this stuff that you can love yourself WHOLE. You will no longer be fragmented into parts, showing up small in life, or feel like your light is dimmed. Be ready to dig deep, be radically honest with yourself, and let go of the victim identity. Yes, things happen to us that we have no control over, and it is OUR responsibility to heal and show up in our own lives being the best we can. I have walked this path myself, and I simply want to shine my own light on your path, and bring you with me! We all deserve to love ourselves more deeply, and reclaim our power.  

Booking Options

Single Session


The first call will be getting to know one another, seeing how our energy feels together, and mapping out what we will be working on. Each of my coaching clients get a personalized plan, curated for exactly what you need from me, and areas I intuitively feel will bring you to your next level of ascension! Book a call and let's chat! Prior to the call, I will email you some questions for you to answer on your own and then we will discuss! When you sign up for the monthly package, though, you get a discount! See below.

60 Min/$150

Monthly Package


This is where we do THE WORK. We will dive deep into your shadows and conditioning to figure out what programs are running in your subconscious. After each call, you will be sent personalized soul work for the week based on what is coming up for you. This is all personalized for YOU, because there is no "one size fits all" when it comes to shadow work. When we have worked through the shadows and muck, we will then alchemize all of it to become your power. Your soul is yearning for you to take your power back! And this is but a small step on that journey. Book now, and lets get started! 

for 3 months

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